For five years I have been a designer.

Originally trained as a biochemist and nutrition scientist, I can confidently say that “I speak geek” and I love translating complex scientific concepts into simpler terms that people in the general population can understand. I became a designer because I am passionate about communication and creating beautiful, functional things. I want to help businesses big and small, scientists, engineers, artists, and artisans tell their stories.


For the last four years, I have worked at Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc., which is the North American division of the Japan-based global company, Ajinomoto Co. I have worked with various business units within the company to create packaging, marketing materials, trade show booth designs, sell sheets, internal announcements, PowerPoint presentations, branding guidelines, t-shirts, cake designs, holiday cards, event decorations, and email blasts. Ajinomoto makes amino acids, food ingredients, sports nutrition supplements, animal feed, and IV bag contents, and I have been able to use my science background to create concepts and materials in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer applications.


Fellowship Raleigh

In that time, I have also worked as a Communications Director and eventually an Art Director for Fellowship Raleigh church. I’ve had the honor of photographing many events while also creating logos for sermon series, concerts, and other events at the church and helping with social media efforts. I lead a small group weekly with my husband and am also a certified premarital counselor. I took on these projects because I care deeply about these people. They are my family and they have taken care of me when hard things happened. We share a deep and abiding faith and that makes our differences seem smaller.


AIGA Raleigh

Another community that has had a lasting impact on my work and my heart is AIGA Raleigh. Among this passionate group of makers and shakers, I count myself lucky to be able to serve on the Community Board and offer monthly workshops (the Casual Creativity series) on skills like watercolors, calligraphy, acrylic pour-over art, jewelry-making, origami, and many others. I am inspired every time I get to interact with this AIGA Raleigh community and they make me feel so much more confident and assured about what I have to offer people.


Tidy Titan Cleaners

Because my husband and I believe it is important to serve our community and pay workers fairly, we started a residential cleaning company – Tidy Titan Cleaners – nearly two years ago. We make sure that our cleaners are compensated well above the market rate even if it means we don’t take as much home as we could. We have an amazing team of dedicated people and I have been so happy to create our brand, our marketing and training materials, work with an external team to improve and approve final designs for our website, and write and edit copy for some of our SEO efforts. I am both a co-owner and an art director for our small business, so I understand the pressures that many small business owners deal with every day.


Other Projects

I’ve helped many friends and made many new ones by working on projects outside the scope of my normal job. I can create entire branding systems to help businesses large and small tell their stories, t-shirts to show off witticisms and loyalties, letterheads so people can send professional letters to their clients and compatriots, car wraps to take it to the next level, cakes to celebrate life, and so many more things. From the tiny to the gargantuan, if you’ve got the specs, I can work with printing companies and bakeries and other vendors to bring your project to life.