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My name is Abra, like in Abracadabra.

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, watercolor aficionado and amateur foodie living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina. I create for print as well as the web and work toward better user experiences.

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I am on a constant quest to learn new things. I believe that good design is the result of solving good problems; great design is the result of doing it in unexpected and beautiful ways. That's why I like looking for new ways to communicate and helping people strive for greater understanding. I also like asking questions and seeking the advice of people who know way more than me so that I can gain more expertise.


I spend my time getting to know my materials, watching endless examples by others, obsessively planning and diving into my own projects. Communities and their stories fascinate me and have driven much of my volunteer work and my commissioned designs. I am open to selling and sharing my art because I hope it brings joy to every home it lands in.